GK Alpha White Glass is a game-changer in the world of glass-lined industries. This specialized glass lining is celebrated for its exceptional purity and resistance to chemical corrosion, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications.

Known for its pristine white appearance, GK Alpha White Glass not only offers a visually appealing aesthetic but also provides superior protection against aggressive substances. It is a trusted solution for lining equipment such as reactors, tanks, and pipes, ensuring the preservation of product integrity and safety in critical industrial processes.

Whether in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage production, or chemical manufacturing, GK Alpha White Glass delivers uncompromised purity, durability, and corrosion resistance. It is the definitive choice for industries


Why Choose PFG Glasskem Inc.?

PFG Glasskem Inc. is the ideal partner for all your process equipment needs. Our expertise in glass lining technology ensures that our clients get the best solutions for their requirements. Our commitment to quality and exceptional customer support has made us a trusted name in the industry. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose PFG Glasskem Inc.

Expertise in Glass Lining Technology

Our team of experienced professionals has the expertise to design and manufacture the best glass-lined reactors for our clients.


Our commitment to quality is reflected in our products, designed to meet the highest industry standards.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Our clients include industry leaders who trust us to provide the best solutions for their process equipment needs.

Excellent Customer Support

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer support, ensuring that our clients get the assistance they need when they need it.

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